Published: 07 Apr 2016
Updated: 20 Apr 2022
Category: Business Opportunity

CASE STUDY: Expanding Into the Philippines, ETOBEE Selects Compass Offices


Infrastructure has been one of the biggest challenges for emerging markets. Understanding this opportunity, Sven Milder founded ETOBEE. First launched in Indonesia as an next generation on-demand delivery service for consumers and businesses, ETOBEE expanded into the Philippines in January 2016.

With the ETOBEE application, users can now easily ship goods with one single swipe of a finger, wherever and whenever. ETOBEE will automatically find the nearest available courier.

As a start-up that is expanding to a new market, ETOBEE chose Compass Offices. With a serviced office, ETOBEE did not need a high initial investment to have an office and is able to focus on their core business and customers. Sharing space with other start-ups and SMEs offered a diverse work environment with like-minded professionals. Compass Offices modern, professional set up in Manila also helps ETOBEE leave a good impression when they meet their clients.


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