Published: 18 Feb 2016
Updated: 08 Apr 2022
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CASE STUDY: Cutting edge DNA testing provider selects Compass Offices


In the past, DNA technology was not easily within reach of the public sphere, but today, not only is it now accessible to the general public, but the time and cost used in DNA reading and analysis have been reduced significantly. We are now in the midst of a generation that could readily learn and capitalize from looking into our genetic code, which can help us understand the diseases and ailments that our bodies fight every day. At LeGENE, they tailor this scientific development to individual health, providing the latest genetic technology utilizing them as health tools to efficiently map our genetic makeup and lead us to a healthier life.

At this center, to assure that the genetic analysis is precise and reliable, the chosen genetic technology is approved by various rigorous governing bodies. LeGENE is also aware that reading and understanding a genetic report could be challenging, therefore they have assembled a team of medical specialist and genetic counsellors to provide the best counselling, so that clients receive a comprehensive report with full explanations and guidelines for a bright future.

With the quick advancement of technology, genetic testing has been significantly simplified. In most cases, only a small amount of blood or saliva is sufficient. The process starts with an experienced physician and genetic counsellor to obtain family and medical history, and after thorough analysis, the client will be advised of the most suitable genetic test that will benefit their needs. LeGENE’s services doesn’t end here; when the results are determined, they will be at your side every step of the way in helping you to understand your genetic reports and provide support and health recommendations.

The complicated nature of LeGENE’s business requires exceptional customer service and support which is provided through partnering with Compass Offices. With a responsive, accountable and committed service team, Compass Offices helps fast growing companies eliminate admin hassles and focus resource on their customers.



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