Published 14 March 2017 Category: Business, Startups, Compass Cities

Basing your startup in Asia? Why you should consider Vietnam

With its affordable and friendly service, diverse food and overall cheap quality of life, Vietnam is one of the best countries for startups trying to run a lean operation. Unlike other cheap(er) Asian countries like Indonesia or China, Vietnam is safe and has no problem connecting to the internet – i.e. you won’t need a VPN to access sites. The huge café culture in Vietnam makes it convenient to plunk down with your laptop and do some work. Of course, there are a few obstacles that foreigners may have to adapt to. English isn’t widely spoken here and the traffic is sometimes dizzying – but if you’re up for adventure and into the flexibility of life in Vietnam – this is one of the best (and cheapest) countries to base your startup.

Compared to Western rates and more developed parts of Asia, lifestyle costs are low.
Not only will your daily expenses be cheaper, but you’ll always have good coffee and t Western comforts available. Miss authentic Western food? Local pizzeria Pizza RP’s provides some of the best pizza in Asia, hands down, at cheap prices. Love the convenience of services like food delivery? Apps like offer food delivery with nominal charges. Too expensive to get a massage at home? Getting pampered in Vietnam – whether it’s a foot massage, back massage or full spa treatment – costs a fraction of the price compared to the West. With cheap rents and cheap transportation -- hello motorbikes! – living in Vietnam means you won’t have to dig deep into your wallet (or the company’s).

Hiring talent is affordable, and there’s already a growing ecosystem of startups.
One of the best advantages of being based in Vietnam is the affordability of hiring talent. Even compared to other developing countries like India, hiring talent is still cheap. There’s a growing scene of developers, perfect if you need to get the backbone of your company set up. Increasingly, the younger Vietnamese work force is well versed in English.

With many lifestyle startups based here like and, mobile game Flappy Bird and Misfit Wearables, you won’t be alone as a startup founder.  Nowadays, Vietnam’s political environment is stable, especially compared to its neighbors – meaning that you won’t need to worry about your business being interrupted.

It’s easy to fly in and out – and Vietnam offers plenty of places to escape!
Surprisingly, Vietnam’s airports are pretty easy to get in and out of (once you get the visa to live in Vietnam)! There are five international airports in the country, with frequent flights taking off every day. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are less than 3 hours away from Hong Kong.  Vietnam borders Cambodia, China and Laos, meaning that you can access these countries via land transportation.

Fancy a break from the city hub? You’re in luck, as Vietnam’s southern coastline is lined with beaches including the cleanly kept and peaceful Nha Trang, drawing an international crowd for its delightful seafood eats and coastal vibes. Best of all, these places are super accessible and cheap to get to from major city hubs in Vietnam, requiring little more than a bus ticket.


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