Published 06 January 2017 Category: Interns, Digital

#CompassIntern: A-Z of digital marketing

I am Sudan Zhuang from Syracuse University, New York.

My time at Compass Offices has been nothing short of remarkable. Interning as a digital marketing has opened my eye to this so-called digital world we are living in, and what it is like to deliver goods and services in the serviced offices industry in Hong Kong.
Because Compass Offices has locations in more than six countries, we had to localise and translate the website to each country where we operate. My role in this initiative was to work closely with my direct report to help managing translations from different countries. However, as easy as it sounds, this project has taught me that in order to ensure the accuracy of the translation, it is extremely important to be detail orientated and meticulous due to the complexity of building and maintaining a website. Additionally, I had also worked in a few social media projects from developing creative contents to managing Twitter Ads campaigns.
What I loved the most about my internship is definitely the sense of ownership I have gained whilst working on these projects. Majoring in Marketing Management, this internship has definitely allowed me to fully utilise the knowledge that I’ve learnt from school, and applied my own creativity to further explore all the possible ways of digital marketing.

As my time here comes to an end, I am grateful to know that i have gained so much insights about website optimization and social media marketing within just five weeks. Lastly, one of the most fascinating things I have found whilst working in Hong Kong is definitely its diverse cultures in the organization. You have people come all over the world to work in Hong Kong, and every time a new conversation happens, you get to hear and see things from various perspectives.
My time at Compass Offices is so interesting, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.