Published 21 December 2017 Category: Marketing, Digital Marketing

A Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone will be flooding shopping malls and supermarkets to buy gifts for their family and friends. However, what they often forget is to buy gifts for their beloved company. We are not asking for a new phone or some other expensive tech gadget. We have been thinking about some new toys specifically to our office, to help us be more productive and build a stronger team. So here we go:

For Marketers:
Videolean – it doesn’t come as a surprise that right now the king of the content is video! Videolean helps to up your video marketing game by enabling you to create short promotional videos for your brand without using advanced video editing skills. Perfect for our hard-working content creators.

Edgar – It’s like a magic wand for social media management. Edgar reuses your best content on social media to bring in more views. It pays to work smarter, not harder!

For Sales People:
Mailshake – don’t worry, we don’t hate cold emailing! But it takes a lot of time and a little help from this fantastic tool wouldn’t hurt! It helps generate by automating your outbound cold email outreach, and also your responses to that traffic. The coolest thing is it also helps to create the best outbound email copy based on your specific business case.

Leadfeeder – a very simple tool that shows you which companies visit your website and what they do there! Just connect the tool to your Google Analytics, and you’ll start receiving hot leads to your email or straight to your CRM.

For Developers:
Uploadcare – we believe that developers also deserve gifts here and there in any case, as they help marketing and sales do great things on a daily basis! Uploadcare builds your file infrastructure in hours, not months, reducing time to market and IT costs. The end-to-end tool handles file uploading, storing, processing and delivery.  Great for software development during gift-coding season. – makes IT projects predictably easy. Your project managers will be able to save time and money by making smarter decisions and by actually knowing what’s happening now and in the future.

For the Office:
Parihug – working in a startup means long hours, and sometimes not enough precious time with your loved ones. Possibly the cutest startup, Parihug creates digitally connected teddy bears that can give people hugs from distance. Use Parihug to reach out and hug your loved ones virtually across your country or the world!

In short, Santa, we won’t ask for much, but we hope you will honor us by considering our wish list and letting us wake up on Christmas morning to find some of these little things waiting under the tree or in our email box.