11 October 2016

4 Tips on How to Dress for Success in Business

Category: Compass Tips, Workplace, Worklife

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04 October 2016

The 10 Best Business Podcasts

Category: Business, Podcasts

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27 September 2016

7 Ways to Kick Start Your Creativity

Category: Compass Tips

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20 September 2016

5 Benefits of Serviced Offices for SMEs and Startups

Category: Startup, Compass Tips

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13 September 2016

Why all of Sydney and Melbourne should adopt a flexi work culture

Category: Worklife, Workplace

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07 September 2016

CASE STUDY: HKBN stays connected with Compass

Category: Compass Client

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06 September 2016

5 ways to rethink your desk for success

Category: Compass Tips, Workplace

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31 August 2016

A glimpse of entrepreneurship in Japan: What you have to know

Category: Entrepreneurship

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30 August 2016

#CompassIntern: summer holiday to learn about marketing

Category: Interns

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25 August 2016

Exclusive for Hong Kong & Singapore: Compass Offices and GuavaPass bring you sports that you love!

Category: Leisure

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23 August 2016

Exclusive for Compass Clients in Melbourne: Uber for Business

Category: Compass Cities

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16 August 2016

Three reasons why you need the right serviced offices in Singapore and the Philippines 

Category: Compass Cities

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