Published: 05 May 2016
Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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8 Great Tips to Feng Shui Your Workspace


Given that we all spend so much of our lives in the office, a harmonious work environment is a must – and there’s no better way to help achieve that than with feng shui.

This ancient Chinese art works by arranging the objects in any given space to balance the room’s energies and ensure that you have good chi flowing through – meaning that fortune, prosperity and positivity should be headed your way… all especially helpful elements for any business, we think you’ll agree! We spoke to Thierry Chow, daughter and apprentice of legendary feng shui master Chow Hon-Ming, to get her expert feng shui tips for the workplace during the Year of the Monkey.

1. It's Elemental

In the Chinese calendar, 2016 contains two main elements: fire and metal. Of the two, fire – which represents energy and creativity – is the most dominant, meaning industries like the arts, design and technology should thrive in the coming year. If you work in these fields, now would be a great time to launch a business, start a new project or implement fresh initiatives or strategies. Meanwhile, metal represents areas like finance and accounting – but since metal is overpowered by fire this year, it means that those working in these fields will experience many difficulties and challenges. It won’t be an easy year for these industries, which will continue to be unstable throughout 2016, so if you work in any of these areas, avoid taking too many risks this year and making careless mistakes!

2. Animal Instincts

Those born in the Years of the Monkey, Pig, Tiger and Snake need to be more cautious this year; it will be an unstable year for you, so try to be extra careful at work and watch out for minor mistakes that could lead to discord with both your colleagues and your boss. Help minimise the negativity that might be coming your way by ensuring you have good feng shui in your workspace (by using the tips below!).

3. Get Tidy

The environment is one of the most important elements in feng shui, so having a tidy well-organised workspace is a must! No matter how busy you are, it is essential that you have a tidy desk ready for you to work at everyday.

4. Go Green

Given we work indoors so much, plants are great for offices; choose ones with big leaves and avoid those with spiky, small leaves or ivy-type plants. Place your plants in the west side of your office for 2016 – this will bring you better health (as the plants help freshen the air), better luck at work and most importantly, greater productivity.

5. Brighten Up

Use more yellow, pink and orange stationery and decorations at your desk, and avoid using all white, grey or black items; these cheerful colours will help aid your mental health, therefore improving both your mind and body for work. Wear colours like pink and red – even if it’s just one piece of clothing or an accessory that features these shades – to boost your overall luck this year too.

6. One Direction

Ensure that your desk is facing southwest this year – this will help you harness good energy and creativity at work, meaning this is the spot where all the best things will happen in 2016!

7. Light It Up

Aim to have your lighting well-balanced in the workplace, using more warm light instead of cold white lighting. Yellow light represents the sunshine and will help you feel more cheerful and energised for the work day.

8. Flower Power

Flowers represent love and hope so place fresh flowers like red roses or pink daisies in the east corner of your office. This will bring you luck in relationships, like those between your colleagues, bosses or clients.

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