Published: 17 May 2021
Updated: 03 Jul 2023
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7 Cool Features & Design of a Flexible Office Space


The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reconsider new ways of working. Where and how we work is feeling a lot more fluid these days, so it’s no wonder that flexible office space is in demand.

The simplest flexible workspace definition would be a workspace that gives business owners access to fully equipped office premises without requiring a long-term commitment in terms of lease duration or contract terms. This type of versatile office space solution comes with necessary equipment such as desks and chairs, phone lines and internet connection. It allows employees who may work from home or telecommute to have a physical office for a given period of time.

Traditionally, employees spend most of their working day at an allocated workstation within a corporate office. With flexible office solutions, space allocation is not fixed, so a business can take advantage of hot desking or mobile working.

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Pre-pandemic, the conventional belief was that traditional offices were critical to productivity, culture, and attracting the best talent. However, rent, capital costs, facilities operations, maintenance, and management made traditional office space an expensive investment. Fast forward to 2020 and priorities shifted to working from home and ‘collaborating’ through videoconferencing. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all despair; employees rejoiced on losing the long commute and enjoyed greater work/life balance. So, as we re-emerge from lockdown, it’s time to consider what works best for individual company’s changing needs.

Great features that flexible workspace can offer 

1. Attractive terms of a lease

Flex office spaces include flexible leasing terms that range from monthly memberships to longer-term contracts Lease terms are more flexible and can be extended to suit company needs. Rolling contracts are common, although lots of companies quickly see the advantage of these ready-to-go workspaces and stay much longer. Because flexible office solutions come readily equipped, it's seamless and stress-free to move office and, when you feel the need to move on, notice periods tend to be shorter.

2. Flexible office space design

Great companies consider how they can improve the employee experience and flexible workspaces offer fantastic amenities and resources, superb office design and pop up in the best locations. They are designed to enhance the feeling of community and impact employee motivation. If you've been working from your living room for much of last year, getting outside the house and entering a professional environment is stimulating.
Some of the cool things you might expect in a flexible working space design are:
Third Place – this is a lounge or breakout area. It might be a café area with vending machines, but generally, it’s a place to feel inspired and casually meet up with colleagues and other like-minded professionals.
Office Pods and Phone Booths – pods are almost entirely self-contained spaces that give a single worker a private area to concentrate, noise-free. Like a “room within a room”, many of them can even be moved around. If you need to make an uninterrupted videocall or just focus on the task at hand, office pods offer some solace. A soundproof phone booth does a similar job in providing a private space to make important calls.
Reception Area – these are generally unbranded with a professional front desk team to greet any potential visitors. They also come with concierge services which can include mail handling, call forwarding and more.
Designated Utilities Area – this area houses all necessary office items such as a printer/copier and unbranded stationery.
On-Demand Meeting & Conference Rooms – Meeting spaces including private lounges and larger conference rooms, make it easy to reserve space for an off-site or client meeting when you need it, and you aren’t paying for it when it’s not being used. They often include technology such as video conferencing and screen sharing.
Wet Pantry – this area includes a place to grab a complimentary coffee from the machine and wash up afterwards. Wet pantries usually feature in flexible offices yet are not common in conventional offices of smaller companies.
Terrace Rooftop – Catching some air and taking a quick break can unwind and inspire, so these open-air areas are on the rise.

Flexible workspace offers a host of benefits including outfitted workspaces with all the technology and amenities you need on-hand, with flexible leasing terms. Good companies want an environment that promotes collaboration and productivity, so, with a little transformational thinking, flexible workspaces offer a highly attractive solution.


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