Published 24 July 2017 Category: Compass Tips, Entrepreneur, Startups

6 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Have you recently made the shift from a 9-6 employee to now being your own boss? The transition of owning your own business can be a stressful time, even more so for those who aren’t accustomed to the entrepreneur’s working style. Being an entrepreneur means your to-do list keeps growing, and there is usually not enough time in the day to complete it all, especially if you want work-life balance.
This is why having time management skills is key to an entrepreneur’s success. Based on our experience with entrepreneurs as well as inspiration from those leading some of the world’s most successful businesses, we list the 6 crucial tips for effective time management.

1. Separate your personal and professional priorities

As an , the line is often blurred between your professional and personal life. Set certain hours that is dedicated to your business. Separate this from for your personal priorities such as family time and time for yourself to unwind or exercise. During your non-work hours, fully disconnect from work and be thoroughly engaged with your personal activities.

2. Schedule what needs to be done

List the top three tasks you need to accomplish each day and use a calendar to block chunks of time to work on each task, and plan this every morning, the day before or at the start of the week. Identify timeslots within which you are most productive and schedule your hardest task during these times. Listen to your body and find your peak performance hours. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks as well.

3. Stay focused and minimize distractions

Once your schedule is set, focus on the task at hand. Minimize distractions such as e-mail and phone calls by disabling notifications, and create a conducive environment you’re your mind to stay focused. Studies have shown that listening to certain types of music can help you focus. Find what works for you and apply that to your day to day working style.

4. Make your breaks more productive

Breaks are important, both to refresh your mind and gain fresh perspective, which is essential when you’re stuck on an idea. Clear your head by going for a walk, or if you work in a co working space, have a chat with other to bounce off ideas.

5. Delegate and outsource tasks

As the founder of a start up, you may feel like you should be making all the decisions, even though the business has grown to have a team of people who can manage different functions. However, having a team of experts means that you should be allocating relevant tasks to the appropriate members of your team and focusing only on what you do best.

6. Use online tools for support

When you’re working with your team on multiple projects, you can waste a lot of time going through e-mail chains trying to stay organized. Online tools such as a project management software or collaboration tool, when used regularly, can help you and your team know your progress, stay on track and get stuff done.
Learn time management tips and tricks from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in our infographic below.