Published: 09 Sep 2019
Updated: 24 Aug 2023
Category: Organisational Culture , Workplace Culture

6 Interesting Things about Working in Australia


If you’re new to the Australian workplace, you will come to learn that the culture can be different from what you may encounter in other parts of the world.
Australia is known for having more relaxed working environments. People are warm and friendly, they can take spontaneous jokes, and another gem - they talk with abbreviations like arvo for afternoon and Macca’s for McDonald’s; it’s a delight once you’re able to grasp it.

While you muse on the complexities of local slangs and short-form expressions, here are more things you will experience while working down under:

Enjoying a cold one

You can’t be in Australia and not partake in the drinking culture. While Friday is pretty much a universal day for after-work drinks, it is not uncommon for Australians to have it any other day, or at any time for that matter. It can start as early as they want (i.e. lunch), usually motivated by a superior, client, or quite simply, thirst.

Going home on time

This may come off as a surprise to some, since working overtime is an unwritten rule for many companies around the world. An average Australian spends about 7.6 hours at work a day. On a regular weekday, people hardly work past 5pm. However, don’t mistaken this for slacking off. Australians are known to give 100% to their work and they take what they do seriously.

Showing up on the dot

Being able to leave work on time can also be attributed to the fact that Australians manage their time accordingly. Punctuality is key. This is the reason why they are almost never late to work or meetings, and you are expected to do the same. Set out a few minutes earlier before an appointment and you’ll be right on time.

Lending a helping hand

“No worries” is not just something that’s uttered colloquially, it’s a way of life. Australians generally don’t fuss over small things, and are some of the friendliest people you can work with, so you can expect help to come your way when you need it, delivered with a side of “No worries, mate”. While they won’t expect a return, it’ll go a long way if you can at least reciprocate with gratitude.

Building strong rapport

Australians value the working relationship they have with their colleagues and genuinely enjoys the company of one another, so socialising and after-work functions tend to happen more often than not. You can expect group activities over sports, dining, and the likes, even more so during summer when the heat of the holiday mood is high.

Taking (a lot) of time off

When you’re off on a vacation to somewhere adventurous or exotic, there’s a chance you will run into Australians who are perhaps at the third leg of a six-month journey.

Many Australian companies are warming up to the idea of additional leave days for their employees beyond the stipulated days required by law (minimum 4 weeks paid leave for full-time employees per year). This is more than what is offered in many countries. In some cases, companies even allow employees gap year to pursue their travelling. You might want to look this up and fill your calendar ahead of time.


Australia is much more beyond the unique working culture. A continent and a country, Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by land, rich in history, heritage, nature, and wildlife. And did you know there are more kangaroos in the country than there are humans? Never stop exploring.


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