Published 14 August 2017 Category: Compass Tips, Startups, Workplace

5 Productivity Boosting Hacks in a Co-Working Space

From having a sense of belonging to a community to the networking opportunities, there are many benefits of working in a flexible space. In a study done by Deskmag, “81% of people who had previously worked from home said that switching to co-working had a positive impact on their levels of productivity as a whole.”
However even with the benefits of a co-working space, the ever-buzzing work environment can lead to more distractions and cause you to lose focus. Whether you work in an open office space or a co-working space, here are 5 tips to boost your productivity.

1. Use Headphones & Music

Having headphones in signals to others that you do not want to be disturbed, and that they should come back another time, or contact you via e-mail. This prevents others from breaking your workflow and keeping you in the zone. This hack works even if music distracts you and no music is coming out of your headphones. If you do need music though, listen to playlists on Spotify or YouTube that are especially created to increase your productivity. This can range from classical music to instrumentals. Some also suggest that listening to white noise can help drown out background distractions and keep you focused. Here are 7 science backed playlists for productivity

2. Set A Schedule

A big challenge for people working in a co-working space is sticking to a schedule, because the open space and high energy environment can easily distract you from your task on hand. However, if you have a schedule, you are less likely to be distracted as you have set goals around what needs to be completed and by when. Additionally, if you do get side tracked, having a schedule means you can jump right back into your work instead of figuring out what you need to do. At the end of the day, compare what you accomplished with what still needs to be done and plan for your next day.   

3. Change Your Work Location

Working from different locations can help improve your creativity and problem solving. In co-working spaces, you can take advantage of a variety of work locations such as communal areas or outdoor space. Going into quiet areas reserved for meetings or phone calls can ensure you will not be disturbed. But generally, even minor changes such as working by the window versus working by the wall can make a difference in boosting your productivity. Next time you’re looking for some extra motivation or a need a different perspective, try to work in a new setting.

4. Personalize Your Co-Working Space

Even though co-working spaces can seem temporary, you can add small touches to make your workspace more personalized. Having personal items around you such as photos, plants, books or even a blanket, can make you more productive.  In a study done by psychologist Craig Knight, he found that “employees who put at least one picture or a plant in their cubicle are 15% more productive than those who don’t.” Having a work area that is visually pleasing and comforting can make you happier, which leads to better productivity.   

5. Take Breaks

When you’re in a co-working space, it can be tough to take a break when you’re surrounded by people nose deep in their tasks. You may even feel guilty doing so, but taking breaks is scientifically proven to boost your productivity. There are different break formats, such as the Pomodoro method which suggests a 5-minute break for every 25 minutes of work. Depending on the tasks you’re working on, you can schedule longer work times with longer breaks. Effective breaks can include a walk or even meditation, as long as you’re taking your mind off work.    

These are 5 simple actions that you can do immediately to increase your productivity in a co-working space. Try these methods and find out which productivity-boosting hack works best for you.