Published: 20 Nov 2019
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5-minute Food Guide: Compass Offices Quarry Bay


When deciding on an office space, you need to consider what you can get out of the location, from transport, amenities, to lifestyle conveniences – one of the key drivers is definitely about finding good food.

Quarry Bay and Taikoo may be widely known for the Monster Building, but its prevalent dining culture should share the limelight.

Within a 1km radius from Compass Offices Quarry Bay at the Chinachem Exchange Square, there is absolutely no shortage of food and drink spots from the minute you step out. You can enjoy meals within a comfortable price range, all within walking distance.

Here are 5 of our picks:


There’s something about Japanese curry that is just agreeable to the human palate. Maybe because in the absence of some spices you’d find in a regular curry dish, Japanese curry makes it up with all the ‘umami’ flavour. Camper’s is a quaint and friendly joint that’s known for their mixed vegetable curry dishes served with your choice of protein and carb. Camper’s prides itself for its homemade sauces, all natural ingredients, and no MSG or additives.

EC Bento

Sometimes going out for lunch can be a real hassle. You have to battle the crowd, the queue, and the nagging question of what to eat. For days when you just want to enjoy a meal comfortably in your own workspace, there’s EC Bento. One of its many outlets, the EC Bento in Quarry Bay is just one corner away from our business centre. Possibly Hong Kong’s first hot meal vending machine shop, they carry a variety of meals from different restaurants, and you can just order ahead online then pop over to collect. Simple!

Gingko Moment

This is a place that mainly serves Western dishes with a side of compassion. A social-enterprise restaurant, Gingko Moment advocates the hiring of senior citizens and retirees for its workforce. Their business not only takes the elderly into their care, but they also put care into what they serve with ingredients supplied by their own organic farm. Bonus point, there’s even a nightly live band performance to keep you entertained as you dine.


This is a sweet spot for those who want to enjoy a relaxing after-work tipple or catch up with friends on the island side without the flurry of Central and SOHO. Located in the premises of EAST Hotel, Sugar is the only known rooftop bar in these parts of the city with a spectacular harbour view where you can drink in the sights.

Kam Lung Thaifood

Kam Lung Thaifood is a hidden gem for Thai cuisine in the area. Since it doesn’t exactly stand out in appearance or size, the restaurant can be easily missed. And unless it has been recommended by locals, you’d probably wouldn’t come across this, until now. Kam Lung is run by Thais, hence the authentic dining experience that has won the approval of many in the likes of its Tom Yam soups, rice noodles, and curry dishes.

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