Published: 30 Aug 2021
Updated: 26 Oct 2021
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5 Digital Jobs that Didn't Exist a Decade Ago (and Skills You Need to Get Them)


 If you’re searching for a new job and are armed with basic digital skills, you’re in luck. There are more positions now than ever before, titles that were unheard of a decade ago. Facebook was only getting started in 2006, and with it came a slew of social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Now that we are approaching 2017, not only are social media sites prevalent, but opportunities to work at tech startups are tremendous. As our recent 2016 survey shows, one uniting trend that all employees want, regardless of sector, is mobility. All of these jobs, along with being created recently, are incredibly mobile, meaning you won’t have to be chained to your desk. Now that’s a true sign of the millennial age!

Content Strategist

With all these new portals – websites, social media, newsletters and apps – someone has to keep track of the content that’s being poured out there. Content strategists can help businesses, whether small startups or huge corporations, plan and strategise the brand’s online content. They’ll also work to make sure that the content is brand right and stylistically correct.
Skills needed: Decent writing skills (coming from traditions like journalism would be helpful), multimedia experience and social media finesse.

KOL / Influencers

Ever wished you could be paid just to live a cool life? Well it turns out you can. KOLs – or key opinion leaders (aka influencers) – are often paid just to show snippets of their life in the form of a square photograph on Instagram / Facebook. The catch? Well, first you’re going to have to establish your niche. Will you be posting mostly about food, fashion, travel or all of the above? Establishing your area of expertise is key, and after that, it’s all about persistence. Being your own brand is not something that happens overnight, and you’ll need to research how to gain followers and build yourself as a credible KOL / influencer before companies will approach you and work with you (the money maker). Well known KOLs can make up to $20,000 USD for posting on Instagram, but they also have followers in the hundred thousands. Our advice is to start small (and have other ways of making cash) and dream big.
Skills needed: Loads of persistence, extreme social media finesse and patience

KOL / Influencer Manager

Someone is going to have to manage those KOLs and influencers, and that someone could be you! This would be an ideal role especially if you’re looking for something more stable and less reliant on finicky followers. Most companies now – whether it’s tech startups or big fashion companies – have special social influencer divisions to help their company assess what influencers to work with and in what capacity. This means digging through an abundance of social media to find a KOL that best represents your brand, and seeing in what capacity you can work together. This is a great role especially for someone who is less interested in traditional marketing (i.e. advertising in magazines or buying banners online) and interested in ways to make a direct effect on consumers.
Skills needed: Online marketing (coming from a marketing background would be helpful), social media awareness and basic PR skills

Social Media Manager

Similar to KOL / Influencer Management, a Social Media Manager monitors the various social media platforms that exist. Facebook now has over 1.5 billion users, and coupled with Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, these platforms are an endless and direct way to market to the consumer. There’s so many aspects to social media management – from analysing what campaigns and images works and what doesn’t online for a company – to social care, or interacting directly with a consumer to figure out his or her need in real time.
Skills needed: Online marketing (coming from a marketing background would be helpful), social media awareness and basic PR skills

SEO Specialist

SEO, or search engine optimisation, has been the catchword of the past few years. For businesses, making sure that your consumers can find you easily with a few click clacks of the keyboard is important. With over 3.5 billion Google searches happening everyday, it’s important that websites and content contain the right keywords. As the acronym would suggest, SEO specialists make sure that the right keywords are optimised to perform well,  and assess how the company compares to its competitors. SEO Specialists can run ad campaigns, paid or organic, to help a company improve click through rates and transactions.
Skills needed: Social media marketing and digital content skills, basic website building skills would also be helpful



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