Published: 09 Aug 2022
Updated: 05 Mar 2024
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Discovering 7 Businesses to Start Over for Retirees


While the impact of the Great Resignation and succeeding labor shortage was widely felt during the pandemic, these trends predate the health crisis. The economic fallout only exacerbated existing problems. Now, the 'Great Unretirement' trend is emerging as many retirees rejoin the workforce.

According to this Fortune article, about two-thirds of workers who recently retired have decided to re-join the workforce. Experts attribute this to attractive job opportunities, fading pandemic fears, and insufficient fixed incomes in the face of rising costs of living. Retirees looking for supplemental income are considering entrepreneurship. There are plenty of retirement-friendly business ideas for those wishing to remain active.


Advantages of Post-Retirement Businesses

Here are some key benefits of starting a business after retirement:

Pursuing Passions

Retirement can be the perfect time to explore new opportunities and pursue your passions. Starting your own business can give you the chance to turn your hobbies and interests into a profitable venture. You can enjoy the freedom of working on your schedule while doing something that you love. The possibilities are endless, whether it's baking, gardening, or crafting. Not only can starting a business after retirement provide you with a source of income, but it can also give you a sense of purpose and fulfilment. It's never too late to follow your dreams; starting a business can be great.

Financial security

Financial security is another key benefit. Many retirees find that their retirement savings and pensions are insufficient, especially with rising inflation. Starting a small business as a source of secondary income can help boost finances and ensure a more comfortable retirement. Even modest profits from a part-time venture can make a big difference for retirees on fixed incomes. Running a post-retirement business can supplement fixed retirement income and pensions, giving retirees greater financial security and flexibility in their spending.

Health Benefits

Health benefits also come from running a post-retirement business. Staying active and having a sense of purpose is vital for physical and mental wellbeing in retirement years. Mental stimulation and social engagement have been linked to a lower risk of cognitive decline in the elderly. Those who have an occupation tend to live longer and report higher life satisfaction. Even if your business is part-time, it can keep you socially engaged and motivated, warding off isolation and depression that afflict many retirees.

Social Engagement

Social engagement is an important advantage, combating the isolation and loneliness that many retirees experience. An entrepreneurial venture gets you interacting with customers, partners and suppliers. The social interactions and sense of community that come with running a business can improve mood and quality of life. Pursuing an interest through entrepreneurship provides structure and a goal, giving retirees a continued sense of purpose and achievement in their later years.

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7 Business Ideas or Jobs for Retirees

1. Consulting

As one approaches retirement, the idea of utilizing their expertise and industry connections to provide consultancy services to small businesses becomes increasingly appealing. This could entail assisting businesses with marketing strategies, management systems, or industry best practices. The possibilities of a coaching business are endless, depending on the retiree's area of expertise. Management consulting, human resource consulting, or IT consulting are just a few examples. The primary advantage of these businesses is the minimal capital required to establish them. With a computer and internet connection, retirees can offer their consulting services to individuals or companies and continue sharing their knowledge and skillset with the world. 

2. Career Advisor

The art of career planning is a delicate one, and the guidance of experienced professionals is often sought by young workers seeking to make a name for themselves in the corporate world. It is widely acknowledged that retirees who possess substantial experience in the workplace are the most qualified to offer counsel to the younger generation. These seasoned individuals are adept at providing insights that aid in decision-making, such as identifying companies or positions that offer greater development potential or honing interview skills. The role of a career planning consultant offers a flexible work content akin to that of an industry consultant and is an ideal second career choice for mature elites seeking professional fulfilment.

3. Teaching or Tutoring

Sharing knowledge is a noble pursuit, and if you possess extensive experience in a particular field, consider venturing into teaching or tutoring. You can impart your expertise to students either locally or online through renowned platforms like Wyzant or Chegg. The growth of online learning has opened up a plethora of opportunities to create and sell online courses. In the past decade, online courses have gained immense popularity, and with the advent of video conferencing platforms, the quality of online courses has significantly improved. Retirees with ample knowledge on specific topics can collaborate with online course platforms to launch short courses on diverse themes and levels for enrolled users, thereby satisfying their teaching interests. Engage in online course tutoring to merge your major and interests, and partake in the fulfilment of elevating individuals through learning.

4. E-Commerce

The world of e-commerce is a realm of limitless potential, where the prospect of being an entrepreneur can be both financially rewarding and profoundly fulfilling. If you are considering opening your own online store, there are several innovative ideas you can explore to give your e-commerce shop a competitive edge. The beauty of this business is that you can operate it from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have an internet connection and products to sell.

The first and foremost step is to choose an e-commerce platform and create an account. With an array of options available, ranging from Amazon to eBay to Etsy, you can select the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Once you have created an account, you can set about selecting the products you wish to sell and devising a marketing strategy that will drive your sales.

For those who are retired and seeking a low-maintenance business venture, the dropshipping business model is an excellent choice. This model allows you to avoid the hassle of maintaining an inventory, as you can partner with a reliable dropshipping supplier to handle your orders and ship the products to your customers. It is a lucrative and hassle-free business model that requires no initial capital investment.

5. Handcrafts and Artisan Work

Handcrafts and artisan work are a wonderful expression of creativity and passion. If you are someone who possesses such talents, then turning your hobby into a business can not only be a fulfilling experience but also a lucrative one. Platforms like Etsy offer a convenient and accessible way to sell your handmade products online. However, it is important to test the demand for your products before investing in larger operations. Participating in local crafts markets and festivals is a great way to gauge customer interest and establish a presence in your community. By starting small and growing gradually, you can build a successful business that not only supports your passion but also provides a valuable service to those who appreciate the art of handmade products.

6. Freelancing

Retirement can be a golden opportunity for individuals to turn their passions into profitable business ventures. Whether it's gardening, baking, photography, or writing, there are endless possibilities for individuals to showcase their talents and skills in the market. The key is to identify the niche that aligns with your interests and expertise and carve out a unique market position.

For those who have a knack for writing, freelance writing or blogging can be a lucrative business option. With the growing demand for quality content creation across various digital and print platforms, there are ample opportunities to explore. By starting a blog or offering freelance writing services, individuals can leverage their writing skills to earn money.

In addition, individuals can also monetize their writing skills by collaborating with brands, featuring ads on their websites, or joining affiliate marketing programs. By creating a strong online presence and building a loyal readership, retirees can turn their writing passion into a sustainable and profitable business venture. So why not take the leap and turn your retirement into a fulfilling and rewarding phase of your life?

7. Gardening and Farming

Gardening and farming are two of the most ancient and essential practices known to humanity. The art of cultivating plants and rearing animals has been integral to human survival and has played a crucial role in shaping our societies and cultures throughout history. Today, gardening and farming have become more than just subsistence activities, but rather a means to connect with nature, promote sustainability, and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Whether one is an avid gardener or a seasoned farmer, these practices offer a plethora of benefits that extend beyond mere food production, including stress reduction, physical exercise, and environmental conservation. Embracing gardening and farming can thus empower individuals to lead a more fulfilling and sustainable life.


Start Your Business in a Flexible Office Space

Starting a business at home is the ideal setup since you won’t have to cover the overhead expenses of a traditional business, such as an office space to lease and the setup of IT infrastructure. However, some businesses will require that you have access to a more reliable suite of technological and IT tools.

For example, if you have a consulting business, you want to make sure that you have a reliable Internet and IT infrastructure to provide seamless online consultations with your clients. It is also advantageous that you have a dedicated workspace so that you can focus on providing services to your clients. This can be challenging to do at home because of the noise in your household or a lack of dedicated office space

There is also an added benefit to using agile working space if you want to scale your business. You can rent as much space and IT infrastructure as you need, depending on how many employees you have and your business requirements. Most flexible office spaces have flexible package options so you will only pay for the space and tools you use. At the same time, it is easy to downsize or scale the office space according to your changing business needs.

If you’re lucky, you could even find a location near you that makes it convenient to attend to your business. It gives you control over your schedule and finances while making sure that you can maintain your profit margin. 

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve contemplated unretirement, there are several options available as far as jobs for retirees and business ideas are concerned. It’s a great way to use your knowledge and experience in the workforce, as well as your passion and hobby, to generate income. With the current state of the global economy, the additional source of income will give you the reassurance that you can live comfortably. 



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