Published: 13 Dec 2023
Updated: 26 Dec 2023
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4 Successful Startups in Southeast Asia in 2023


In the dynamic arena of modern enterprise, startups are the youthful contenders eager to disrupt and innovate. These nimble entities are often characterised by their innovative approaches, fresh ideas, and potential to scale rapidly. Successful startups act as significant economic catalysts, spurring job creation and offering transformative products and services that challenge the status quo. 

As recently as 2016, Southeast Asia, with its burgeoning markets and tech-savvy populations, started to become an incubator for such enterprises. The region's startup trends indicate a fertile ground for growth, with a number of ventures transforming into distinguished unicorns – privately held startups valued at over one billion US dollars.

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An Overview of Asia's Tech Startup Landscape

The Southeast Asian startup business landscape is abuzz with activity and optimism, as noteworthy in recent coverage by leading publications, such as Techcrunch and Nikkei Asia. 

In 2023, these startups have amassed investments in the millions, kindling expansive growth within Southeast Asia's thriving tech ecosystems. The influx of capital is a testament to a broader trend – the forecasted market value for internet users in the region to escalate from US$218 billion in 2023 to a projected US$295 billion by 2025, according to data and business intelligence platform Statista. 

This trajectory is further bolstered by global technology stalwarts like Foxconn, Apple's manufacturing partner, committing a substantial US$1.5 billion investment in India. 

Such strategic moves by major industry players not only reinforce the region’s potential but also suggest an impending boost in job creation, technological advancement, and regional economic growth.


What Are the Latest on the Following 4 Tech Startups in Asia in 2023?

These startups not only exemplify innovation and growth potential but are also reshaping the future of tech and business in the region. In particular, in 2023, four groundbreaking startups made waves with their unique solutions and successful fundraising efforts.

1. J&T Express

Head office: Indonesia
Total market cap: US$14 billion (as of closing on 13 December 2023 (Source: PitchBook))
Target funding: US$500.97 million
Company type: Logistics

In a stride into the public markets, Indonesian courier services upstart J&T Express has announced intentions for a significant public market debut, seeking to raise an impressive HK$3.92 billion (US$500.97 million). 

This highly anticipated move heralds Hong Kong's second-largest initial public offering of the year 2023, establishing J&T Express as a notable entity on the global stage.

The company's strategic pricing of 326.5 million shares at HK$12.00 each not only underscores its robust financial planning but also lays the groundwork for a robust market capitalisation, post-offering, of an estimated HK$105.75 billion (US$13.51 billion). 

This figure, however, presents a sober recalibration from the once-peak valuation of US$20 billion back in 2021, reflecting a pragmatic and realistic approach in its discussions with investors in an economic climate marked by uncertainty.

J&T Express is not shy of robust backing, having secured a generous US$2 billion in funding from Temasek, the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund, in 2022 – a testament to the company’s potential and the confidence reposed in its growth trajectory. 

2. Grab

Head office: Singapore
Total market cap: US$12.28 billion (as of closing on 14 December 2023 (Source: CompaniesMarketCap))
Company type: Ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments services

Relying on one of the best startup business ideas, this giant amongst Southeast Asia's ride-hailing and delivery services has seen a commendable uptick in its financial health this 2023. Demonstrating a robust growth trajectory, the company's revenue surged by 61% year-over-year, reaching an impressive US$615 million.

This notable uptick embodies the resilience and growth potential of the company in a competitive market.

Further cementing its dominance in Singapore, Grab has strategically acquired Trans-cab, the city-state’s third-largest taxi operator, indicating a move towards solidifying its transportation network.

In terms of overall market traction, Grab witnessed its total gross merchandise value increase by 5% year-over-year – and 6% on a constant currency basis. This growth primarily stems from ascents in its mobility and deliveries services. 

In a historic turn for Grab, its group adjusted EBITDA achieved a positive US$29 million for the quarter, marking a significant US$190 million improvement from the previous year's US$161 million deficit. However, in June 2023, the company faced the difficult decision of laying off over a thousand employees, constituting around 11% of its workforce.

3. Gojek (subsidiary of GoTo)

Head office: Indonesia
Total market cap of its parent: US$6.55 billion (as of closing on 14 December 2023 (Source: CompaniesMarketCap))
Funding received: US$150 million received by GoTo
Company type: Ride-hailing, food delivery, and fintech

Gojek, a powerhouse in Southeast Asia's on-demand service market, has been extending its influence far beyond the initial offerings of its parent, GoTo. Even better, it already has diversified its suite to include not just courier delivery, food, and shopping services, but also financial technology, widening its appeal and user base.

On 3 October 2023, GoTo proudly announced a private placement securing a staggering US$150 million in gross proceeds. 

This investment came with a vote of confidence from distinguished financiers, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which contributed up to US$125 million, and Franke & Company chipping in an additional US$25 million. 

The company has recently launched a synergistic collaboration with Deliveroo, a premium food delivery service, to elevate its competitive edge. This innovative partnership blesses Deliveroo Plus Gold subscribers with an exciting perk: two 20 percent discount vouchers for Gojek each month. 

Conversely, Gojek riders are rewarded too – garnering around US$6 worth of Deliveroo vouchers upon completing eight rides within a month. This strategic alliance not only enhances customer benefits but also signifies Gojek's strategic intention to construct an interconnected ecosystem of services that complement and enhance one another.

4. Flash Express

Head office: Thailand
Valuation: valued at US$2.1 billion (as of January 2023 (Source: Nikkei Asia))
Funding received: US$447 million
Company type: E-commerce logistics service

This company is Thailand's first unicorn, which also stepped into the Philippines as of January 2023, marking yet another milestone in its swift regional expansion. 

From its head office, the logistics titan now boasts express delivery services that intricately weave through Laos and Malaysia, showcasing a remarkable extension of its operational footprint.

Emboldened by a thriving Series F funding round, Flash Express infused its coffers with 15 billion baht (US$447 million) in January 2023; a move strategically geared towards bolstering its international aspirations and fueling its live-commerce ventures. What's more, the company revels in an impressive daily shipping peak, expertly handling 2 million parcels in 2022, a testament to its robust logistics acumen and operational scale.

Flash Express exemplifies how strategic financial partnerships can propel a company forward, cementing its place as a mainstay in the ever-evolving landscape of Southeast Asia's logistics sector.


How Flexible Office Space Providers Support Tech Startups

We now turn our attention to the ways in which flexible office space providers, like Compass Offices, are playing a pivotal role in supporting the dazzling ascent of tech startups across Southeast Asia. 

The same dynamism and innovative zeal that define the startups mentioned earlier are often bolstered by the foundation and agility offered by modern, flexible workspaces.

Here are the key benefits that flexible office space providers deliver, playing a crucial role in shaping their success:
●    Commercial-scale IT Infrastructure: Flexible office spaces come pre-equipped with enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. This alleviates the need for startups to invest heavily in technology at the outset, ensuring they remain connected with the fast-paced digital world without the upfront costs and complexities of setting up such systems themselves.
●    Convenient Location and Market Penetration: Being situated in the heart of business hubs, especially in the Asia Pacific region, provides startups with better market penetration possibilities. It grants them proximity to clients, partners, and talent pools that are otherwise difficult to access.
●    Cost-effectiveness: Startups benefit from the financial flexibility that comes with adjustable office spaces. Instead of being bound by long-term leases or purchasing property, they can manage costs more efficiently and divert resources toward growth and product development.
●    Versatility: Customised solutions catered to diverse needs – whether it's space, layout, added features, or purchasing requirements – ensure a provider can scale alongside the startup. This ability to adapt quickly to change is invaluable for a rapidly evolving business.
●    Productivity: Optimal work environments are not just about physical space; they also encompass the ability to adapt to the changing needs of a business. Flexible office spaces allow for arrangements that can fluctuate with the ebb and flow of project demands, enabling both concentration and collaboration.

Simply put, these flexible office spaces, such as those offered by Compass Offices, are meticulously crafted to align with the ambitions and aspirations of both emerging enterprises and flourishing professionals. 



The Southeast Asian market stands as a fertile land where startups can plant their roots and soar. With rich opportunities and the right support systems in place, companies on the brink of breakthroughs need only make that leap. The stage is set; the possibilities are boundless. Welcome to where your vision can truly take flight.



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