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At Compass Offices, our in-house project management team turns ideas and vision into reality. We turn functional plans, design and technical requirements into exemplary workplace models.

In these case studies, we explore real applications of our Enterprise Solutions services.

By engaging with our team, these examples show how businesses have successfully incorporated unique service areas and features into their office space, achieving a competitive working environment for today’s modern workforce.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions – Case Studies


Fintech Company, 52 employees

A fintech company powered by blockchain technology, our client is a digital asset management firm on the rise.


  • Specific IT infrastructure requirements
  • Separate meeting room and storage cabinets
  • Seating plan should allow unrestricted interaction
  • Privacy for the finance team


  • Customised built-in server rack for servers, routers, firewalls, NAS and other IT equipment
  • Dedicated bandwidth for resilient and uninterrupted network connectivity
  • Built-in dedicated office for the finance team
  • Built-in meeting room for up to 9 people with video conferencing system
  • Build a dedicated pantry
  • Designated area for storage cabinets
  • Open plan lay-out for optimal interaction and communication
  • Printing and scanning corner

Key Benefits

Our client enjoys a customised workspace that fulfills the needs of their operations. Their preferred service areas are integrated into their office design. In addition, this client and their team can still enjoy all general features available within our flexible office space, including our business lounge and pantry for casual meetings and to unwind.

Fintech Company floorplan


New Tech Innovator, 25 employees

Our client is an up-and-coming startup with a primary focus on providing AI-as-a-service to retail businesses that want to streamline their operations.


  • Collaborative spaces for a hybrid team
  • Ensuite manager rooms
  • Internal meeting room with separate guest entrance
  • Flexible working option


  • Two manager rooms and a team space for collaborative work
  • Open plan and spacious workstation lay-out for easy team interaction
  • Meeting room with easy access for staff and dedicated entrance for guests

Key Benefits

The client gets to use their space efficiently for their intended activities, meetings, brainstorming, interviews, client interaction and more. The workstations in this plan are modular, which provides the hybrid team interchangeability in their space usage. The meeting room is private and functional for both internal and external meetings.

New Tech innovation floorplan
new tech image1
new tech image2


Regional Recruitment Firm, 65 employees

Our client is a regional recruitment firm specialising in executive recruitment and search consultancy.


  • Ensure office visitor privacy
  • Handle high guest traffic
  • Maintain data confidentiality


  • Dedicated entrance with reception and guest waiting area
  • Design and build 4 interview rooms for candidate screening, separated from the clients own team space
  • Provide a dedicated pantry, servicing the client’s team and guests
  • Designated area for cabinet storage and printer
  • Maximise seating plan for a team growing to 65 employees

Key Benefits

Our client enjoys higher brand recognition with the dedicated reception and signage at the elevator lobby. Their candidates and talents are well received in a private and reassuring environment making it easy to relax and to give a great performance during the appointment. The use of space is maximising efficiency without sacrificing any privacy and confidentiality.

Regional Recruitment Firm floorplan


Multinational Media Company, 320 employees

Our client is a multinational media company that engages in creating and distributing quality content to a worldwide target audience.



  • Ensure an efficient seating arrangement for a large group of employees
  • Provide a dedicated floor with branded private entrance and own reception
  • Enterprise-level IT infrastructure with solid network connectivity and back-up ISP
  • Build dedicated server room for enterprise-grade IT equipment
  • Creation of coworking space to drive team productivity and performance
  • Reserve dual-ISP dedicated bandwidth for guaranteed network connectivity
  • Setup built-in team rooms
  • Setup two meeting rooms with video conferencing system
  • Build private lounge, café, pantry area and copy/printing station


Key Benefits

Our client enjoys stable LAN and Wi-Fi connections throughout the floor, allowing their employees and guests to move freely between different areas without losing connectivity. The dual-executed enterprise-grade IT infrastructure offers improved network security and up-time. Team rooms and the video conferencing system help to maintain close collaboration among teams and professionals in and outside the office. Consequently, our client gets maximum focus on their core business activities and enjoys full business agility.


Multinational Media Company

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