Enterprise Solutions 

Your workspace. Tailored to your needs. 


Compass Offices’ design and project management team has years of experience in planning, design, and executing customised workspace solutions. These expertise are now at your service.

If you have specific needs for your workspace, our professional team can realise your requirements hassle-free for you. We can create your custom workspace in existing Compass Offices locations, or we can lease a new space at a suitable location, and incorporate your needs and requirement into the design and project planning.

Your IT and telecommunication needs will be taken care of by our professional in-house IT team.

You can integrate service areas such as pantry, reception, lounge, and meeting rooms in the design of your own space or make use of the readily-available Compass services.

Read our customer success stories and discover how Enterprise Solutions help our clients shape their preferred workspace.

Enterprise Solutions

Benefits of Enterprise Solutions

Smart Finance in Melbourne and Sydney

Smart Financials

Manage your finances effectively without large capex needs, loss of time and project risks. Save on outsourcing expenses for project and budget management. We cover everything from planning to execution.

No Large Capital Expenditure 
New office projects involve large investments. We can take over the financial needs and amortise these over your agreement term. You won’t have to pay a large lump sum for your office build-out.

Safe from risks and outsource costs 
All your planning needs can be met without project or financial risks. We will take care and cover all cost and risks, including insurances and compliance to building regulations. There is no need to spend time and money on third-party consultancy and support, we will fully manage your project to success.

All-inclusive monthly fee - Pay only one pre-agreed monthly fee that combines everything, from your build-to specifications, utilities and facility management to your IT solutions.


Leasing Convenience in Melbourne and Sydney

Leasing Convenience

Choose to have a custom workspace at any of our centres, or we lease space at our risk at your desired location and we integrate your preferred design and facilities into the premises. Save the trouble of getting a conventional office space. Just select your agreement term, move your business in, and hit the ground running.

No leasing required - You don’t have to lease anything, Compass Offices will be responsible for the leasing of the space.
Flexible agreement terms - Choose your preferred agreement term, from a few months to a few years.

Efficient use of your time - There will be no loss of time in office preparation so you can maintain focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.

Comprehensive Services in Melbourne and Sydney

Comprehensive Services

Everything you need for your business to run smoothly will be taken into account – from a flexible workspace size, enterprise-grade IT infrastructure, services and utilities to facility management. 

Expand at your convenience - Expand as your business grows, no pre-commitments needed. We design your space into a larger existing location or a new location. This allows you to expand or reduce space within our premises. 

Basic necessities covered - We manage your utilities, internet subscriptions, facility management, access systems and more. Standard services include our reception and mail handling. Meeting rooms are available by the hour.
Enjoy complimentary services - Use our business lounges, breakout areas, and pantry facilities whenever you need it – coffee, tea, and water are always on the house.


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