Our Story

Our story

About Us

Our story began in 2009 when Andrew Chung, a veteran entrepreneur in Asia, experienced inconsistent, not so transparent pricing and poor services from existing serviced office providers.

He decided to provide an alternative solution to the existing serviced office industry. He believed that customers desire to experience a service with transparent pricing that is not just reliable, but also delivers a business community where they can learn, grow and safe for their businesses.

He founded Compass Offices. The company is built around supporting the needs of the clients. One Centre in Hong Kong has now grown into over 30 centres located in 8 cities across Asia Pacific with more than 300 employees.

To us, we want to provide clients with more than just offices. We want to be our customers’ partners. We are proudly supporting their business.

About Us

Our Mission

To profitably provide a choice of flexible workspace solutions in major global cities with an environment that drives a community of successful business.

Our Values


FORWARD THINKINGWe are forward thinking and have the ability to adapt to the changes in technology and the business environment.


CUSTOMER FOCUSEDWe are your champion and understand your business needs. We will strive to deliver the best services to our customers.


SUCCESSFUL TOGETHERWe're dedicated to providing an entrepreneurial eco-system by developing a community that can support your business growth.


CONTINUALLY IMPROVINGWe are never satisfied. We are persistent and continually strive to improve and deliver what you need.

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